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Inklusiiv Journey: Stronger Focus and Impact with Updated Vision & Mission

This blog is part of Inklusiiv Journey blog series, in which our entire team will be unpacking our learnings and introducing much-needed clarity about Inklusiiv as we build it. This time our Head of Projects & Events, Bikash Gurung, will introduce you to our updated vision & mission, and the ways it has helped us to strengthen our focus and impact.

Bikash Gurung

Inklusiiv was started in 2019 with a mission to raise awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion in working life, as there’s a lot of work to do globally - including the Nordics and Europe. During the past two years though, we have seen a considerable rise in Diversity & Inclusion work in Finland and abroad. We’ve got contact requests from companies around the Nordics, Europe, the US and even from Asia. The change is accelerating and many companies are currently integrating D&I into their business strategies, setting up D&I goals and metrics, and communicating those transparently.

So far, we've spoken and worked with 100+ companies supporting them on their D&I journey. Thanks to this, we’ve got insights about the common challenges and opportunities organizations are facing while advancing D&I. Simultaneously, we have been building the foundation for Inklusiiv as a newly-founded organization.

This first year has got us to a point where we’ve realized it’s time for us to start building clarity for ourselves and share the journey more transparently with all of you - let’s start with our updated vision & mission. We’ve re-defined those with our team including our amazing Inklusiiv volunteer community, which includes people who want to learn more about D&I, spend time with like-minded people and contribute to our community projects. If you are interested, please fill this application form to become a community volunteer at Inklusiiv for 2021.

Our vision is that with diversity and inclusion we build better workplaces, company cultures and businesses

We believe that by advancing diversity and inclusion, we will build better company cultures where people can thrive and build more successful, growing, international businesses.

We believe that what companies need today and in the future, is not only a diverse workforce, but also increased inclusivity - as those go hand in hand. This leads to better decision-making, products and services. It also positively impacts the wellbeing of employees and the business performance. Ultimately, this will have a positive impact on the society.

However, during the last years, a common and overarching challenge for most is to figure out how to prioritize, take action and drive change to make impactful D&I work and progress in the journey.

And, that’s where we come in.

Our mission and purpose is to make D&I knowledge available to everyone and support organizations to transform it into action.

There's a lot of research and knowledge on D&I, yet many of us are still struggling to understand what concrete actions to take and how to make meaningful progress. That's why our mission at Inklusiiv is clear: we want everyone to have access to the best D&I knowledge and practices and also support organizations to transform the knowledge into action.

Since the first day Inklusiiv was launched, we have wanted to increase access to knowledge. The first way was the open-for-all data bank on our website and we’re thrilled to hear on a regular basis how it has helped people. We want to accelerate this much more, and that’s why we’re building a bigger community.

Our updated purpose as the knowledge-sharing platform has helped us to narrow down our offerings and focus on our sweet spot: organizational D&I knowledge and journey. And while we’re not experts in every aspect of D&I ourselves - fortunately, we have a wonderful community of D&I experts around us, and we’re happy to connect you with the right people. We believe that our impact is strongest as the platform that connects both the organizations and D&I experts, and their valuable knowledge combined with insight from Inklusiiv.

In our community, we have now defined the following four areas as our operational core:

  • We host Inklusiiv Media that strives to share diverse D&I insight from us, organizations and D&I experts around us.

  • We are building a community for organizations to help them learn, stay up-to-date and implement D&I best practices in workplaces.

  • We create various projects, activities and campaigns that support making the working life more diverse and inclusive, and sharing the D&I knowledge to an ever wider audience.

  • On top of our community activities, Inklusiiv Oy (owned by Inklusiiv ry) provides customized services and consulting for organizations on diversity & inclusion topics.

In the next Inklusiiv Journey blog post, we will be focusing on our new organizational values and the process around it.

Let us know what you think about this and remember to follow us on social media to join the discussion, learn about our activities and events, and network with others who are interested about D&I.

Bikash Gurung

Head of Projects & Events