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In Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

Are we living a #metoo moment of racism? What does this all mean for organizations? What is anti-racism and how can we start taking action?


Senior Officer of the Finnish Ombudsman Michaela Moua said it well on Twitter: The recent events around the killing of African-American George Floyd have the potential to become the #metoo moment of racism. For that to happen, we think it's essential to understand that racism isn't something dreadful happening far away in the USA but quite the opposite: it is also very much a European phenomenon, happening in the Nordics and Finland too. In fact, FRA's research from 2018 revealed that Finland is one the most racist countries in the EU. Manifestations of racism only take different forms in different countries due to their historical development.

What does this all mean for organizations, then? Organizations are reflections of our society at large and the problems that occur within. Just like the rest, organizations can't escape the reality of structural and institutional racism. Organizations have the responsibility and power to change our society for the better. Educating ourselves about racism, privileges and biases and moreover adopting anti-racist practices are some of the most important steps that every organization can take. It is not enough for companies to be non-racist, but we must be anti-racist.

So what is anti-racism? According to Michaela Moua, anti-racism is action. Fem-R defines anti-racism as active action that seeks to reduce and fight racism in society and the world. There's no more room for empty promises. If we remain silent, we choose the side of the oppressor whether we like it or not.

We at Inklusiiv stand with the black community in the fight against racism and injustice towards a more just and equitable future. We will continue to learn and educate ourselves about anti-racism and privilege and share these learnings with you. We commit to speak out more about anti-racism, work closer with black and brown professionals, and share good resources about educational content. We will publish more articles on this topic in the near future. There are already a significant amount of organizations and individuals, who have been working tirelessly on these important matters for years. For Finnish organizations, here are a few links that will help you get started your educational journey:

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