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Brands And Pride – Read This Before You Go Over The Rainbow

First things first. Pride may look like the best party you’ve been to… it is.

It is also a celebration taking place around the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, which were a series of violent demonstrations by those who had had it with the local police terrorizing and raiding the few bars catering to the marginalized communities of the city: gay men, transgender youth, drag queens, butch lesbians, male sex workers, and so on.

The events of 1969 set in motion the gay liberation movement as we know it. Fifty years later, Pride in New York – and way beyond – is a month-long celebration of love and self-expression. And it is indeed a good party.

And you’re welcome to join. However, before your brand flies the rainbow flag… here’s some food for thought for you to know whether you’re doing it right.

What are you saying?

Love is love is love? Love is equal? It sure is! But Pride statements should be bold and brave. Take a stronger stance. Say something others don’t dare to say yet.

Where are you saying it?

Make sure your Pride message is heard outside the liberal hubs and progressive echo chambers. A good LGBTQ+ ally defends the rights of the community wherever it is needed the most.

When are you saying it?

During Pride? Sure, it’s great timing! You’re also more than welcome to support us throughout the year as well. Seeing same-sex love, nonbinary people and transgender people in your Christmas campaigns and Valentine’s Day specials gives our community the feeling of representation everyone deserves.

Lastly… why are you saying it?

Remember to ask yourself: why is it that you want to join Pride? To celebrate values already visible in everything your brand is known for? Come join the party! We need our allies. But we also need transparency and honesty.

Additionally, donating a part of your possible Pride proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations is a good way to ensure that your campaign directly benefits the community it engages with. Flying the rainbow flag without giving back to the people it represents is seen as nothing but pinkwashing by many.

Got it? Great – enjoy Pride!

Author: Elsa Snellman Elsa is an anthropologist and journalist figuring out what’s what in tech, culture and tech culture

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