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Provided by Inklusiiv Oy:

A network of experts

Inklusiiv Oy provides additional services that help organizations to learn and implement best practices of diversity & inclusion in their workplace. We offer a wide variety of tailored services that consist of consultation, trainings, and workshops from top experts within the field.

Our network of specialists will support and help you learn more in-depth about diversity and inclusion, including best practices. Contact us to learn more about our services or to ask for an offer.

Inklusiiv Oy is fully owned by Inklusiiv ry.

Workshops & trainings

Inklusiiv offers a wide range of D&I trainings and workshops by top experts and specialists within the field based on research and best practices. All our trainings are:

  • Thought provoking and easy to follow

  • Applicable for all industries

  • For all members of a working community (from executives to employees)

  • Customized to your needs

  • Arranged at your preferred location

Our most popular training & workshop themes include e.g. Unconscious Bias, The Basics of D&I, Representation & Inclusive Marketing, Racism and Privilege.

More info and bookings:

Contact to get an offer

Consultants, speakers, coaches

Whether you're looking for ways to improve a project, campaign, recruitment process, or looking for an inspiring speaker for your event, Inklusiiv offers consultation and coaching by top experts and speakers within our wide network. We will support and help you to learn more in-depth about D&I.

Our consultants can help you with:

  • Building customized D&I strategy

  • Speaking and inspiring at events

  • Ad hoc consultation 

  • Support with campaigns, marketing & communications

  • Implementing D&I aspects in your projects, processes and practices

  • Coaching individual employees, managers or leadership

Finding the right tools

"Learning is the first step to take when striving for better inclusivity. We need to be comfortable to discuss the uncomfortable in order to expand our perspectives. It's been exciting to see how more and more organizations are ready to advance their D&I, becoming more aware of biases and systemic barriers that prevent equity. 
Our trainings and workshops strive to not only inspire but to provide with concrete tools and a solid action plan."


-Sara Salmani
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer 


A non-profit with a mission to advance diversity and inclusion in working life.
Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki

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