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A network of experts

Inklusiiv Oy provides additional services that help organizations to learn and implement best practices of diversity & inclusion in their workplace. We offer a wide variety of tailored services that consist of consulting, trainings, and workshops from top experts within the field.

Our network of specialists will support and help you learn more in-depth about diversity and inclusion, including best practices. Contact us to learn more about our services or to ask for an offer.

Inklusiiv Oy is fully owned by Inklusiiv ry.

Workshops & trainings

Inklusiiv offers a wide range of D&I trainings and workshops by top experts and specialists within the field based on research and best practices.

Our most popular training & workshop themes include:


  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias

  • Building Inclusive Recruitment

  • Making Marketing and Communications Inclusive

  • Practicing Inclusive Leadership

  • Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace

All our trainings are:

  • Thought provoking and easy to follow

  • Interactive and practical

  • Applicable for all industries

  • For all members of a working community (from executives to employees)

  • Customized to your needs

  • Arranged at your preferred location (physically or virtually)

More info and bookings:

Whether you're looking for ways to improve a project, campaign, recruitment process, or looking for an inspiring speaker for your event, Inklusiiv offers consulting and coaching by top experts and speakers within our wide network. We will support and help you to learn more in-depth about D&I.

Our consulting services typically focus on:

  • Speaking and inspiring at events

  • Consulting on campaigns, marketing & communications

  • Implementing D&I aspects in your projects, processes, and practices

  • Coaching individual employees, managers or leadership

Consulting, coaching & keynotes

Our clients


Cloetta Finland wanted to renew the classic Aakkoset candy bag in honor of the 50th anniversary. According to Cloetta, customers expect meaningful actions from brands, and the company hoped the update of the classics would reflect better the diverse Finnish society. Inklusiiv acted as an expert in inclusion, assisting in language and cultural strategy and implementing diversity to the campaign.

In addition to the official languages ​​of Finland (Finnish and Swedish), Russian, Estonian, Arabic, English and Inari Sámi were added to the Aakkoset candy bags. The main idea was that the Aakkoset - and Cloetta - stand for inclusive values ​​and a diverse Finland. The campaign results were impressive: the market share of Aakkoset grew by 15% and the number of those who liked the ads increased by 245%. Between May and June 2020, the campaign reach was as high as 8.2 million people. When paid advertising is included, the reach grows to 12 million people.

“We took part in a half-day Diversity & Inclusion workshop organized by Inklusiiv with our recruiting and marketing team in the autumn of 2020. The workshop was very successful – both informative and inspiring. It increased our knowledge and understanding and provided ideas on how to promote the topic inside our organization. We will absolutely continue to use Inklusiiv's services also in the future!”

Anni Roinila, Head of Recruiting and Employer branding, Gofore

Connecting you with experts

In addition, we have a Network of Consultants, and if there is anything we cannot provide you help with, we can instead connect you with some other experts on the field.

Diversity & Inclusion in Organizations: Beginner's Guide (in Finnish)

If you are just beginning to explore the diversity, equity and inclusion space and are interested in sharpening your understanding of the practice, then we’ve designed a course just for you. Over the last few decades, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become a priority for organizations. From the annual release of diversity reports to the creation of executive positions to lead these efforts, organizations have undertaken a number of actions to bolster their profiles in this area. But how do you help start these efforts in your organization, especially if you are an individual contributor?


If you are looking to start grassroots diversity and inclusion initiatives in your organization, or you are just curious about some of the best strategies for getting started, then the material we’ve assembled for you is the perfect place to start. You do not need to be an expert to begin exploring some of the foundational elements of DEI.

Unfortunately, the course is only available in Finnish at the moment.

In this course, we’ll cover:


  1. Building a new vocabulary around diversity, equity, and inclusion

  2. Quantifying the impact of DEI on the business

  3. Exploring social identity and its impact on our interactions

  4. Heightening awareness of blindspots and biases

  5. Listening actively and empathetically

  6. Launching diversity task forces and committees

  7. Establishing employee resource groups

  8. Designing brave learning spaces


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