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We help companies to advance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in their organizations. We offer a wide variety of tailored services that consist of consulting, trainings, and workshops.


Whether you’re looking for help in building DEI strategy, organizing a training for your team or getting help to implement concrete next steps - Inklusiiv can help you. Contact us to find out more.

Workshops & trainings

We offer a wide range of DEI trainings and workshops by top specialists within the field based on research and best practices. 


Our most popular training & workshop themes include


  • Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion in organizations

  • Understanding Unconscious Bias

  • Building Inclusive Recruitment

  • Inclusive Marketing and Communications

  • Practicing Inclusive Leadership

  • Building Inclusive Culture and Workplace

  • Promoting Equality in the Workplace

  • How to be an Ally

We customize our trainings based on the target audience and we provide relevant industry-specific content and case examples.

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* Consulting and workshops are provided by Inklusiiv Oy (owned by Inklusiiv ry)

We can help you to learn and implement concrete actions and next steps on DEI to build meaningful change. 

Our consulting services include:

  • Speaking and inspiring at events

  • Consultation to build customized DEI strategy and action plans

  • Consultation on campaigns, marketing & communications

  • Implementing DEI aspects in your projects, processes and practices

  • Coaching individual employees or leaders

Our clients

In December 2020, the Polite Type won European Excellence Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

The Polite Type is a font that recognises and rewrites hate speech. By launching a self-moderating font, TietoEVRY wanted to create discussion about toxic online culture and cyberbullying, the social responsibility of tech companies in solving these issues, and innovative ways companies could use tech to foster empathy online.  


“Together with young students and diversity and inclusion experts like Inklusiiv, we identified offensive language related to online bullying and created a word library where each word was given a more inclusive alternative or blocked altogether.  By working closely with Inklusiiv and victims of cyberbullying, we made sure the project would be relevant and rooted in topical issues in anti-bullying and anti-discrimination. This was essential, as the project’s launch relied heavily on earned media visibility.”


Hanne Haapoja, Head of Group Customer Insight, TietoEVRY

”At SAP, our vision is to build a healthy and inclusive culture that empowers SAP employees to run at their best by embedding Diversity & Inclusive into our daily interactions. Our leadership and sales team participated to Inklusiiv D&I workshop to hear point of views of inclusive leadership, importance to organizations and impacts to business. With this, we are better equipped on our journey building a diverse workforce, where people of all backgrounds feel included and can bring their best and authentic selves to work, driving our business with increased customers satisfaction and ability to innovate.”


Taina Järvinen, Head of Services, SAP Finland

Connecting you with experts

In addition, we have a Network of Consultants, and if there is anything we cannot provide you help with, we can instead connect you with some other experts on the field.

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