About us

Advancing DEI in working life

Founded in 2019, our mission at Inklusiiv is clear: to create and share knowledge about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and to support organizations to transform it into action.


What we do



We contribute to create a more inclusive society by transforming diversity, equity and inclusion into strategic decisions.


Create and share knowledge about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and support organizations to transform it into action.



We build a growing community for organizations to support them in learning and implementing D&I best practices. 


We create various projects, events and content that support the making of working life more diverse and inclusive.


We provide customized services and consulting for organizations on diversity & inclusion topics.

Continuous Learning

We understand we’ll never be ready, and therefore we value a commitment to learn over perfection - both as individuals and as an organization. We share our learnings transparently, and put ourselves to work to transform those learnings into actions.


Inclusion means the commitment to take action, measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for our internal DEI work. We practice care, kindness, and radical empathy towards each other and make sure everyone can contribute to our common vision & mission.


Courage over comfort, fun and easy. Courage to live up to our values and be kind on the way. Courage is the commitment to continue working towards our vision also when there are no easy solutions to get there, and when we don’t yet know the outcome.


Volunteer Community

Inklusiiv wouldn’t exist without passionate and talented individuals who have contributed to build our community since the beginning. Our small volunteer community consists of individuals who want to contribute, learn and do projects together related to D&I in working life. Our volunteer application for 2021 is closed. 

Examples of our past projects

I Started This

I Started This is a project that aims to inspire entrepreneurship by presenting diverse role models, breaking entrepreneurial stereotypes and widening the understanding of entrepreneurship. 


I Started This was organized for the first time by Inklusiiv in 2020, showcasing 24 diverse role model stories, reaching over 450,000 diverse people on social media and receiving tremendous positive feedback. One of its highlights was the “Updating Entrepreneurship to 2020” event, which was followed by a live stream of over 300 people. 

How our journey got started

Former Slush Chief Curator Katja Toropainen established Inklusiiv in the Spring 2019 and launched a campaign that was featured in Kauppalehti in Spring 2019.


After that, Inklusiiv is joined by more individual members who together started to discover what needs to be done about D&I in Finland. On behalf of Inklusiiv’s mission, also dozens of influential people in the Finnish business life show their support publicly: such as Ilkka Paananen, Jorma Eloranta, Laura Juvonen, and Suldaan Said Ahmed.


After this, things started to evolve fast and an official Inklusiiv ry non-profit was founded. Teknologiateollisuus ry became the first organization to fund Inklusiiv ry with 20,000€.


Want to learn more?

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