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Advancing D&I in working life

Founded in 2019, our mission at Inklusiiv is clear: to make Diversity and Inclusion

knowledge available to everyone, and support organizations to transform it into action.

Our community activities consist of two parts:


1) Creating various projects, activities and campaigns that support

the making of working life more diverse and inclusive

2) Building a community for organizations and companies that help

them learn and implement D&I best practices in workplaces



With Diversity and Inclusion we build better workplaces, company cultures and businesses.


Make Diversity and Inclusion knowledge available to everyone and support organizations to transform it into action.



We understand we’ll never be ready, and therefore we value a commitment to learn over perfection - both as individuals and as an organization. We share our learnings transparently, and put ourselves to work to transform those learnings into actions.


Inclusion means the commitment to take action, measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for our internal D&I work. We practice care, kindness and radical empathy towards each other and make sure everyone can contribute to our common vision & mission.


Courage over comfort, fun and easy. Courage to live up to our values and be kind on the way. Courage is the commitment to continue working towards our vision also when there are no easy solutions to get there, and when we don’t yet know the outcome.

Inklusiiv calls for action

"It’s amazing to see how awareness regarding the importance of D&I is rising. The next obvious step is taking action and that’s why Inklusiiv exists - to support knowledge sharing with a clear focus on research and organizational best practices. Every day we're excited about the progress taking place and are looking forward to seeing a more diverse and inclusive working life. We are just getting started!" 

- Katja Toropainen
Founder of Inklusiiv

Our Community

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Examples of Projects


D&I Challenge for European VCs

Inklusiiv challenged European VC firms to commit to advance D&I in Tech by undergoing unconscious bias trainings.

How our journey got started


April 2019
Former Slush Chief Curator Katja Toropainen establishes Inklusiiv and launches a campaign featured in Kauppalehti.


May 2019
Inklusiiv is joined by more individual members who together research and discover what needs to be done about D&I in Finland. On behalf of Inklusiiv’s mission, dozens of influential people in the Finnish business life show their support publicly: such as Ilkka Paananen, Jorma Eloranta, Laura Juvonen, and Suldaan Said Ahmed.


Aug 2019
Challenging Finnish fast-growing tech companies to report their diversity data. The official registration of  Inklusiiv ry as a non-profit association.


Nov 2019
Challenging the VC industry, in cooperation with three leading European venture capital firms (Atomico, Maki.vc, Northzone), to undergo unconscious bias trainings. Inklusiiv was selected to be the Top 10 Diversity & Inclusion initiatives by State of European Tech 2019 amongst projects such as the #MeToo campaign.


Dec 2019
Inklusiiv speaks at Slush mainstage and Helsingin Sanomat and Yle publish articles about Inklusiiv. Teknologiateollisuus ry becomes the first to fund Inklusiiv ry with 20,000€.


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A non-profit with a mission to advance diversity and inclusion in working life.

Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki

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